Specific measures to improve and optimize die casting process

In the die-casting production of modern enterprises, the die-casting process has obvious comprehensive characteristics, including several important process factors such as die-casting mold, die-casting machine, and die-casting alloy. At present, if the die-casting process is to be significantly improved, the relevant person in charge of the process design must pay special attention to the basic equipment performance of the die-casting mold and is committed to improving the die-casting process from the perspective of equipment performance optimization. At the same time, the improvement and optimization of the die-casting production process require the introduction of modern die-casting process methods to provide support, and enterprises should also strengthen the training of die-casting production operators. Therefore, from the current point of view, the following points of improvement are needed to optimize and improve the die-casting production process:

1. Choose the right die casting release agent

For the die-casting operation process to achieve a better comprehensive process effect, it is based on the premise of a reasonable selection of die-casting coatings, and detailed and strict planning of the spraying process should be carried out. Specifically, improving the die-casting nozzle process mainly involves determining the mixing ratio of water and paint, scientifically controlling the composition of the paint, determining the spraying sequence, spraying time, and spraying positions. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure a proper separation distance for the molded die-casting parts and spray gun equipment to achieve the effect of air pressure compression. In addition, the technicians should be able to control the spraying angle flexibly.

2. Scientifically determine to die casting parameters

Die-casting process parameters should mainly include die-casting injection force, paint injection speed and alloy temperature, and also involve the temperature of the mold itself. Therefore, in order to ensure effective control of the entire process of die-casting process, appropriate measures should be used to effectively control the operating failures of the die-casting mold and the die-casting machine. In practical operation, in order to achieve the effect of extending the life of the die-casting mold, the key is to control the operating load and ensure that the goal of effective cost saving of the die-casting process is achieved.

3. Frequently lubricate die casting process equipment & mold temperature control

If the die-casting mold equipment lacks the necessary lubrication treatment, it will significantly increase the risk of failure of the die-casting operation. Under this premise, technicians need to frequently lubricate the die-casting mold, especially when it comes to guiding posts, punches, reset rods and pushrods, core pulling mechanisms, and other important parts. In addition, the frequency of lubrication operations should be controlled to ensure that the purpose of effectively preventing damage to the die-casting equipment is achieved. From the perspective of preventive mold maintenance, technicians should effectively control the frequency of equipment lubrication to ensure that the effect of preventing and controlling die failures from the source can be achieved. In addition to the above process improvement points, the poem mold must be properly cooled. In the specific operation of cooling the die-casting mold, the cooling water channel is usually used, so it is necessary to combine the specific characteristics of the die-casting mold to select the type of the cooling water channel. Among a variety of specific mold cooling schemes, a feasible mold cooling treatment scheme should be selected. At the same time, technicians should pay special attention to the control of several key factors such as the quality of poems, mold production efficiency, and mold life, to ensure that cooling water or tubing is used for mold cooling or heat preservation.

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