Our Workshops

At Qingdao Evergreen Machinery, our production prowess is channeled through three principal workshops, each dedicated to a different process. The Foundry Workshop utilizes a variety of casting techniques, while the Welding and Stamping Workshop is a hub for metal works and finally, the Forging Workshop functions to further refine our products. Additionally, our offerings encompass a diverse array of machining solutions.

Evergreen Foundry

The Foundry specializes in crafting metal products through casting techniques. Evergreen utilizes several techniques including Lost Wax Casting, Lost Foam Casting, Sand Casting, Vacuum Casting, and Shell casting methods to yield a wide variety of exceptional metal products.

Metalworks Equipments

Evergreen’s Metalworks Equipment Workshop employs cutting-edge machinery to transform metal into a diverse range of finished products. Our dynamic toolkit encompasses cutting-edge CNC, Laser Cutting, Press, Nibbling, Punching, and Welding machines, working in synergy to produce impeccably crafted metal goods.

Machining Workshop

Our Machining Workshop utilizes contemporary technology to further enhance the product. Leveraging a range of CNC machines, we meticulously cut, polish, modify, and customize the final product, upholding stringent quality benchmarks and exceeding customer expectations.

Forging Workshop

Embracing the entire metal forging process, we excel in shaping and refining surfaces to perfection. Evergreen’s Forging Workshop harmoniously raw material storage, an advanced heat-treating line, a real-time forged on-line inspection, a mould workshop, and a thorough after-processing, all concluding in the formation of a good Evergreen product.

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