Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of automatic welding equipment and traditional welding?

With the development of the social economy and science and technology, enterprises have put forward higher requirements for welding production. Automatic welding equipment meets the improvement of welding efficiency while stabilizing welding quality. It has gradually replaced traditional welding, automatic welding equipment, and traditional welding in various fields. What are the advantages and disadvantages of welding? There are four points below.

1. Product welding quality. Companies want to improve their market competitiveness. It is necessary to improve the quality of products. Automatic welding equipment can perform precise welding according to the welding seam specifications, and place an appropriate amount of welding material to fill the welding seam. Traditional welding will be affected by labor and the environment during the welding process, which leads to the welding quality and the welding seam quality. Uneven.

2. The relationship between welding efficiency and time. Traditional welding mainly relies on manual welding. Affected by subjective factors, welding efficiency will decrease with the extension of working time. Automatic welding equipment can achieve uninterrupted work. Set welding parameters without requiring personnel during the work process. Participate, welding efficiency is constant and will not change over time.

3. Production cycle. Traditional welding is more difficult in formulating production plans. Welding efficiency will be affected. Then there are welding defects. Welding defects are more likely to occur. Corrections will also consume a lot of manpower and material resources, which will slow down the production cycle. Automatic welding equipment can be clear During the production cycle of the product, do a good job of daily maintenance, and it is difficult for welding defects to appear.

4. Cost of production. The labor cost is relatively large. The annual salary of a skilled welding worker is equivalent to the price of a welding robot, and occupational hazards will occur during the welding process. The labor cost of the enterprise is relatively high, and the service life of automatic welding equipment For decades, after the equipment cost was invested in the early stage, only maintenance costs were required in the later stage, and high production efficiency was obtained with low output costs.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of automatic welding equipment and traditional welding. It can be seen that replacing traditional welding with automatic welding equipment is an inevitable trend of social development.

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