Что такое полутвердое литье под давлением из магниевого сплава?

Semi-solid die casting uses the principle of shear-thinning of the semi-solid slurry so that it is subjected to a shear stress field during the filling process, which improves the filling ability and obtains perfect casting surface quality.

Magnesium alloy semi-solid die-casting features:

①Light weight

The density of magnesium alloy is 1.83, which is 2/3 of aluminum and 1/4 of iron. It is the lightest metal in practical metals. It is mainly used in electronic products and is used in various lightweight products. Lightweight various products can save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions;

②Excellent strength

The specific gravity of magnesium alloy and plastic is larger than that of plastic, but it has stronger bending elasticity and tensile strength and can form thin-walled products. For the same strength requirements, it can form lightweight products;

③Good heat dissipation

Magnesium alloy has good heat transfer characteristics, the thermal conductivity is 150W/MK, which can effectively dissipate the internal heat of the machine;

④Electromagnetic wave shielding is good

In the domestic and foreign markets, many digital products are prone to emit electromagnetic clutter, so these products must control the clutter within the specified range of electromagnetic waves, and magnesium alloys have high electromagnetic wave shielding performance;

⑤ Regeneration

Magnesium alloy is a metal, and it is relatively easy to re-melt, and it can be regenerated into raw materials. The energy used for the regeneration of magnesium alloys is only 4% of the production of new raw materials. By increasing the utilization rate of recycled materials, magnesium alloys will become an economical and practical material for optimizing the environment;

⑥Vibration damping

Magnesium alloys have vibration damping properties, and the use of magnesium alloys can reduce noise and prolong the service life of various devices;

⑦Dimensional stability

With the change of temperature and the passage of time, the size of magnesium alloy products is almost unchanged, and the original size of the product is maintained for a long time;

⑧ Impact resistance

Because magnesium alloy has high impact resistance, it is not easy to be dented and deformed by impact;

⑨Machining performance

Magnesium alloys are easy to process, which can greatly save processing time and processing costs;

⑩Abundant resources

Seawater contains 0.13% magnesium, and ore also contains a large amount of magnesium. my country is the country with the largest reserves of magnesium ore in the world.

Advantages of magnesium alloy semi-solid die casting:

①Easy to replace: Since magnesium alloy chips are used as raw materials, no melting furnace is required, and it is easy to replace the type of magnesium alloy formed;

②Excellent quality: Due to the fast injection speed and high injection pressure, the surface quality of the product is excellent and thin-walled and high-precision products can be formed;

③Good size and mechanical properties: Compared with ordinary die-casting, magnesium alloys have lower melting temperature and good dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties.

④Good compactness: Since the magnesium alloy after being put into the molding machine does not come into contact with the air, the operating environment, safety, and cleanliness are better than ordinary die casting;

⑤Green environmental protection: no SF6 protective gas is required, which is an excellent process for protecting the earth’s environment;

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